Resilience is a network security appliance manufacturer focused on innovation and service.
Looking for purpose-built network security hardware? Look no further.


Resilience has never ending support on any appliance.


Check Point is the industry leader in cyber security software, but we can make it more powerful and more flexible with our hardened kernel.

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Integrated High Availability™

Resilience eclipses industry-standard “high availability” hardware, with a proprietary technology that enables system-level monitoring, self-learning, and fail-over PLUS fail-back in Check Point installations.

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The Business Case for BrandX

Resilience is fundamentally changing the way network security professionals approach their refresh schedules. Find out how you can take control of your migrations and upgrades. Work at your pace,...

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Boston MA. -  March 27th Defense in Depth Security Series

Resilience Technology Corporation, in partnership with The University of Massachusetts Club, is extending this invitation for you to attend a free seminar from our Defense in Depth Series. It...

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